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GOOOOOOD Morning!!! Trails at the Fairgrounds were groomed this morning. As expected, conditions are soft. But we've got snow, the sun is shining, and its ready for you to give it a ski. Get out there and enjoy your Monday!!

Trails at the Fairgrounds were packed and rolled this afternoon to compress this new light snow as it continued to fall. We'll let it sit and firm up overnight and groom it tomorrow morning. Expect conditions to be soft as this snow is fairly light and fresh. I KNOW you're all anxious to get out there for maybe your first ski of the new year!! Probably best to use the old skis until we get more snow - the cover is not very thick yet. Expect our nordic teams to be out there skiing in the PM on Mon & Tue. Then things take a turn for the worse on Wednesday. But right now its bee-you-T-ful out there. /groomer sasquatch/

With snow on the way it was time to get Skandic #1 out of the trailer and back to the Fairgrounds this afternoon to be ready to groom this first snow storm of 2024. Really the first snow of this winter. The equipment is ready and so is the grooming squad. We'll see what Mother Nature brings us. Get out there and do your BEST snow dance!!!

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