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Tue J30, '24. Plans Change. Temps did NOT get cold enough overnight to freeze up the new snow at the Fairgrounds. Its just too wet. So our packing and grooming efforts are postponed until tomorrow morning. Please stay OFF the trails/snow in the meantime. This includes skiers, snowshoers, walkers and dogs. And as I'm sure most of you know, though we love walkers and dogs in general, we do not welcome them on our groomed trails. Snowshoers are welcome to visit but please do your snowshoeing adjacent to - not ON - the groomed trails. Thank you for sharing that message. /groomer sasquatch/

We got some snow. We're excited about that. But its very wet snow and with the temps hovering at or above freezing all day our best approach is to let this new snow sit today. It will dry out and freeze up overnight tonight as the temps drop down to 20F. Tuesday AM we'll get out to pack it and prep it. And in the afternoon we'll groom it (temps still below freezing - that's the important part) to get it ready for Blackwater Nordic skiers and everyone else. That's the plan for today. Check back tomorrow for updates. Have a great Monday.

/groomer sasquatch/

Wed J17, '24. WooHoo. More snow. Not quite enough of it but we're glad for 4" of new fluffy stuff. 2 groomers on both of our snowmobiles went out early to pack this new snow early on this cold morning. 15 degrees here in Tookie. Packing only this AM to compress the snow. I'll go out later this PM after the sun has worked its magic for a few hours and try to groom it. That may or may not be successful - we'll see. Expect thin snow coverage and some icy spots. We did not pack the front of the big hill - just too thin to support skiing there. But there's an alternative route. No activity in back 40 - that needs more snow. Enjoy the wintry sunshine.

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