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Winter snow where art thou?

Monday F5, '24. Existing groomed trail areas at the Fairgrounds are in very rough condition due to much thawing and refreezing. But Coach Rothe went out this morning to groom some untracked snow and lay a few new trails for Blackwater skiers and our Nordic Teams to use this afternoon. With temps warmer every afternoon this week (highs in the 50s Fri & Sat ??) we're doing our best to keep some skiing available. Some more snow would be nice and much appreciated. Also some new signs have been added to several entry points onto the Fairgrounds as there have been many winter walkers w/dogs visiting. Should you encounter any while you're out skiing please say a friendly hello and ask them nicely to avoid walking on groomed trails and that dogs are not welcome in the winter - their paw prints on soft groomed trails are a grooming challenge. We understand the attraction of all this wide open space but there's LOTS of open space behind the library - wide open fields where they're welcome to roam. Blackwater Nordic Ski Club PAYS $$ to the Hopkinton Fair to lease this space for our nordic skiing use in the winter. Thanks everyone. Enjoy the day.

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