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Sunday AM 12/18/22

The Fairgrounds was groomed this morning - only the front half as there isn't enough snow in the pass through areas to get out to the "back 40" yet. Only skate lanes groomed - not enough snow to set classic tracks. With temps now above freezing here in Tookie Village I won't encourage you to ski - better to ski early when the temps are cold and the snow is firm. Skiing on the soft afternoon snow when temps are above freezing can leave deep grooves which are hard to smooth out - especially when our snow cover is so thin. If you go I suggest you use your older skis - NOT the new ones yet - there are thin spots and a few rocks peaking through up on the hill. Enjoy the day.

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I learned somewhere long ago to say "Rabbit Rabbit" on the morning of the first day of the month for good luck all month long. Fairgrounds grooming will happen mid-morning today to clean up the trail

Good morning all - overnight temps have already risen to the freezing mark and will warm up more. So we've CLOSED the FAIRGROUNDS to preserve snow for the TUESDAY race being hosted by the Hopkinton Ha

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