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Cold temps have returned and we've got snow in the forecast tomorrow. Will it be enough to bring back nordic skiing to the Fairgrounds? We'll see what Mother Nature brings us...but it can't hurt to do your snow dance. I remember grooming snow on this day about 7 years ago up at Gould Hill Orchard. We had a ton of new snow and the temps were frigid with a cold wind howling. It was so cold we took 45 minute shifts on the Skandic. Good times for the nordic grooming squad!!

Of course these warm temps, rain, and mushy snow mean no skiing until conditions change. Please no skiing until things freeze up again and we get more snow. Thanks. The grooming squad requests that you do your best snow dance at least once a day until further notice.

Tue Jan 9, 2024. It was a red sky morning as the sun rose at the Fairgrounds today. I guess that means there's some weather headed our way. Nordic Trails were regroomed this morning after yesterday PM's heavy use from our nordic teams (middle school and varsity) and maybe some "regular" Blackwater Nordic skiers too. Snow cover is just enough to make it ski-able - thin on the hills and in the back 40. We certainly could use more snow. But it appears we've got weather of a different type coming our way. Oh well. Ski it while we've got it. /groomer sasquatch/

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