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Winter solstice Wed. 12/21/22

Winter is officially here as of 4:48PM EST this afternoon. Though the weather forecast isn't bringing us any winter weather in the near term. The Fairgrounds were lightly groomed this morning and its very skiable out there. But watch out for a few rocks and thin spots - best to use the old skis. I expect our Nordic Hawks ski teams will be out there today & tomorrow after school before the big warm up with rain on Friday which is likely to put the grooming squad on the bench for a while until we get more snow. But today and tomorrow will be skiable so enjoy it while you can. /groomer sasquatch - with a trainee this AM/

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Good morning all - overnight temps have already risen to the freezing mark and will warm up more. So we've CLOSED the FAIRGROUNDS to preserve snow for the TUESDAY race being hosted by the Hopkinton Ha

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