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Mon 1/23/23. Wow. snow.

Snow and plenty of it - that's what we've got today. The grooming squad will be out at the Fairgrounds very early Tuesday morning to pack and groom all this new snow. We're grateful for the snow but these up and down temperatures make things challenging. We don't groom the snow when temps are above freezing - the weight of the equipment squishes the snow too much and it'll turn into a solid block of ice when it freezes. So Tuesday early grooming - we'll be off it by 9AM when temps will edge back up to 32. Then we wait until its cold again before we get out there. Watch for updates here. /groomer sasquatch/

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Good morning all - overnight temps have already risen to the freezing mark and will warm up more. So we've CLOSED the FAIRGROUNDS to preserve snow for the TUESDAY race being hosted by the Hopkinton Ha

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