Trail Conditions/Grooming Report


Inertia: Tendency of a skier's body to resist changes in direction or speed (Newton's First Law of Motion). Goes along with this other physical law: Two objects of greatly different mass falling side by side will have the same rate of descent, but the lighter one will have larger hospital bills.


Fri 3/5/21. It seems our weather appears to be changing from winter to spring. Very cold for a few days. Then warm next week. Is our nordic skiing season over? Or are we in between snowstorms? Its unclear. Time will tell.

Fri 2/26/21. Groomers J & Sasquatch were out with 2 snowmobiles and groomers at sunrise at the Fairgrounds to scrape through this hard frozen white stuff and create some skiable surface. We were mostly successful. The back 40 is generally NOT as good as the front half. If you venture out back I suggest the cut-through behind the barn. Depending on when you ski you'll find ice patches or water hazards. Also a new pine cone obstacle course along the stretch under the big pine trees behind the front hill. You'll also find some very nice stretches as well. It all depends on the weather conditions we get...we'll keep on grooming as long as we can. And hope that you'll keep on skiing as long as you can. Nordic State Meet is Tuesday 3/2, If you see any of our Nordic Hawks out and about give them a shout of encouragement. /groomer sasquatch/

Sun 2/21/21 Fairground trails groomed this morning. Everything looks good. Yesterdays classic tracks look to be in good shape so left them as is. It looks to be a beautiful day so maybe get out and enjoy a little nordic skiing. /groomer sasquatch/

Sat 2/20/21. Fairgrounds trails were packed and groomed this morning. This fluffy new snow will likely take a few more days to really firm up. We'll groom again tomorrow morning after today's sun helps to settle things more. Conditions today are generally SOFT. Classic tracks were set also. Get out and enjoy the snow and sunshine. /groomer sasquatch/

Friday 2/19/2021 Well the Tuesday weather event was disappointing. Nothing but rain. That certainly didn't help our ski conditions at the Fairgrounds - things are a bit rough currently. But it has now refrozen and a few inches of fresh fluffy stuff is falling. Groomer J will be out late morning today to PACK the new snow. We can't groom it yet because the new stuff needs time to bond to the icy stuff underneath. If we try to pull the groomer over it today the new stuff will just slide off. So today we'll pack and then tomorrow we'll try to groom. The newly falling snow makes for a beautiful Friday AM. Enjoy the day.

Tuesday 2/16/21 PLEASE NO SKIING AT THE FAIRGROUNDS until conditions improve. Rain, messy conditions and temps above freezing this AM mean we all need to stay off the snow. Why, you ask? Because when the snow softens up this much and then skiiers try to ski on it deep impressions in the snow are left behind. When the temps fall again later these deep impressions get frozen in place and VERY difficult to smooth out with the grooming equipment we use. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. /groomer sasquatch/

Sunday 2/14/2021. Valentine's Day. Get yourself and that someone special out to the Fairgrounds for a ski today. Or just treat yourself. The trails are freshly groomed and in good shape. Though snow cover in parts of the back 40 is very thin. Classic Tracks were set around the front and along the long straightaway under the light poles. More snow is on the way this week so we'll be busy packing and regrooming after it arrives. Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead. /groomer sasquatch/

Friday 2/12/21 Fairgrounds trails will be closed to general skiing today - Friday. We're hosting a race at the Fairgrounds in the afternoon. There will be extensive grooming, course setting, and general prep activities during the day. Thanks for your understanding. And per Coach its racers only at the Fairgrounds no spectators due to COVID restrictions. Trails will be regroomed on Saturday AM and ready for your skiing enjoyment. /groomer sasquatch/

Wed. Feb 10, 2021. Fairgrounds trails were packed and groomed this morning. Its an absolutely BEAUTIFUL winter day out there. Some new trail areas were packed this AM to Coach Rothe's specifications for a Nordic Race to be held Friday PM at the Fairgrounds. Those areas have been clearly blocked off with markers - no skiing there thank you - they're still soft and need more work. Other areas are all groomed up for your skiing enjoyment. Good Luck to our Nordic Teams who will be racing at Proctor this PM. Go Hawks !!!!! /groomer sasquatch/

Saturday 2/6/21  Groomer Will plans to give the Fairgrounds an expert grooming treatment this morning. He's highly motivated because he loves to put on his skis and get the "first tracks" as soon as he's done smoothing everything out and laying down that fresh corduroy.  The snow cover is thin in many places but conditions are good.  Hope you can get out there for some fresh air this weekend. More snow in the forecast so fingers crossed.  Enjoy.  /groomer sasquatch/

Tuesday 2/2/21 Late PM. The 6-8" of new snow at the Fairgrounds got its initial packing this morning by Groomer J. Tomorrow morning Groomer Will will give it more packing and also an initial grooming. By late morning you'll find skiable conditions at the Fairgrounds. Likely soft. We'll keep grooming it over the next few days to get it more solid. And more snow coming for the weekend I hear. AND the groundhog tells us 6 more weeks of winter!! Hooray!!

Thur Jan 28, 2021.  Good work everyone - your snow dance has been working.  We got a couple inches of fluffy white stuff but we need MORE.  So please continue with that snow dance.  Cold weather coming for the next few days which is good news for fans of winter.  Until we get more snow to be able to groom at the Fairgrounds maybe get out there for a winter hike or some ice skating.  Sieze the day !!!!  /groomer sasquatch/

Wed. Jan 13, 2021 The grooming update for today is - WE NEED MORE SNOW !! In other news, the grooming squad extends good wishes to our Hopkinton Nordic Ski Teams who have their first race of the season this afternoon at Proctor Academy (snowmaking there). My understanding from Coach Rothe is that Proctor requests no spectators. Every race venue has its own rules. So we'll rattle our cowbells virtually to cheer you on. Ski Safe. Ski Strong. Go Hawks!!

Wed. Jan 6, 2021.. The Fairgrounds does have a very limited amount of groomed snow along the southern edge of both the front field and the back 40.  I've dubbed it "short track Nordic" skiing.  But it was enough to provide decent skiing for the BKL groups on Sunday PM and has been used the last two afternoons by our High School and Middle School Nordic Teams for genuine on-snow ski practice.  To be clear, its a very limited area from our Blackwater Nordic  entrance out toward the big old barn, then back to toward the southeast corner and up toward the grooming shed.  And I understand Coach Rothe has also groomed a similar small-ish area in the "Back 40" past the big old barn.  We need A LOT more snow to cover up the rest of the Fairgrounds.  So while you're watching the USNordic Ski Team rip it up in the Tour de Ski (find it on YouTube and elsewhere) we strongly encourage you to do your snow dance.  Go Diggins and Brennan and Caldwell !!  Go Hopkinton Hawks!!!!

Christmas Day Fri. 12/25/2020. Its a blue Christmas to quote the King of Rock n Roll.. Most of that snow of a week ago has disappeared or turned to liquid. Its a warm wet holiday with no skiing at the Fairgrounds for a while. We put up a sign saying "Trails Closed" just in case you were tempted to go out and try it. We're gonna need some more snow. So asking you all to do your snow dance as soon as it gets cold enough. Happy Holidays. /groomer sasquatch/

Tue Dec. 22, 2020 We hope you enjoyed the Winter Solstice yesterday with some skiing!!  Fairgrounds trails were groomed this morning to keep them in good shape for your skiing enjoyment. With warm weather coming on Christmas Eve and Day, we will plan to "close" the trails during the super warm weather to help save the snow. Skiing on that soft snow creates major ski ruts which are tough to groom smooth again. Enjoy it for now!!!!!

Sat Dec 19, 2020. Trails are being groomed NOW for your skiing enjoyment TODAY.  Groomer Jason is out on this beautiful winter morning laying down some smooth corduroy for your nordic skiing enjoyment. This morning he's using our 2008 SkiDoo Skandic SWT 550F pulling the large 8' Ginzu groomer from Yellowstone Track Systems. Did I mention the temp was 5 below when we met at the Fairgrounds at 7:30? This is what winter is all about! Grab your skis and enjoy this beautiful day. Bring your sunglasses, a mask and your social distancing for safe enjoyable skiing. /groomer sasquatch/

Friday 12/18/20  The Grooming Team has been hard at work packing snow at the Fairgrounds since shortly after dawn this morning.  We expect to complete this step today.  We'll let the snow sit and rest overnight and begin grooming Saturday morning.  Skiers will find groomed trails by late morning and will be welcome to come ski.  Please remember to ski safely - maintain social distancing and bring a mask for use if appropriate.  Also - we hope the parking lot will be plowed by then - watch here and on Facebook page for updates.  THANK YOU. /groomer sasquatch/

Monday Dec 7. After getting the groomimg equipment in place and ready, the grooming squad determined that we'd have to wait until the next storm to get the nordic season started. Definitely not enough snow at the Fairgrounds and just barely enough at Gould Hill Orchard where we'll again be grooming. Patience, grasshoppers. 

Sunday Dec 6, 2020.  The Blackwater Nordic Trail Grooming Team will be getting the equipment shed unpacked and things n place and ready to groom the Fairgrounds later this morning.  Down here in Tookie Village we did not get as much snow as hoped (grass still sticking through the snow in my yard) so we may not have enough to ski on.  We'll know more later and report to you here and on the Blackwater Nordic Facebook page.  In the meantime get those skis waxed, polish your ski boots, and get ready.  Please remember to practice social distancing and wear a mask as/when recommended.  Stay safe out there.  /groomer sasquatch/

Sunday Nov 15, 2020.  Blackwater Nordic is having our Virtual Annual Meeting in just a few minutes at 3PM today.  We had planned on an outdoor meeting but the weather forecast was for rain this PM so we've gone virutal.  If you're looking for the Zoom Meeting link here's the info. 

Topic: Blackwater Nordic Annual Meeting
Time: Nov 15, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 944 6668 1526

Friday Feb 21, 2020.  Evening Grooming Report.  Technical Problems resolved so Trails at Gould Hill Orchard were packed and groomed this evening.  If you're looking for "first tracks" you should get out there EARLY on Saturday before the temps warm up. Enjoy the weekend.  I'll be headed up north to watch our Nordic Hawks race tomorrow so no grooming in the morning.  /groomer sasquatch/

Friday Feb 21, 2020.  Trails at Houston Fields were re-groomed early this AM.  Due to equipment difficulties we have not yet groomed at Gould Hill Orchard. We expect to have that ready Saturday morning. Check back here and on Facebook for updates.  Good luck to all Hopkinton Hawks Nordic skiers who will be racing at White Mtn Regional H.S. tomorrow morning.  Ski Strong !!!

Thursday Feb 20, 2020.  We had to let that new wet snow from Tuesday freeze up overnight before we could groom it this morning.  Trails at Houston Fields were packed and groomed this morning.  Conditions are a bit funky-chunky from all the crust on top of the snow. But there's plenty of snow for good coverage. We'll get to the Orchard later today and/or tomorrow. Updates here and on the Blackwater Nordic Facebook page. Its a beautiful wintry day out there.  Our Hopkinton Hawks Nordic Teams are skiing strong with more exciting race action ahead.  Go Hawks !! Enjoy the day.  /groomer sasquatch/

Mon Feb 17, 2020:  The Orchard was groomed for skate skiing this morning.

Fri. Feb.14, 2020: The Orchard was groomed this morning for skate skiing. Conditions are a bit soft but coverage is excellent. Groomer Will

Sat. Feb 8, 2020.  Finally some snow to groom! Gould Hill Farm was groomed for skating today. Conditions are not quite spectacular but the views certainly are. Trees have a beautiful icy frosting. Groomer Will

Houston Fields are also being groomed today thanks to the superlative skills and efforts of Groomer Sasquatch.

Fri. Jan 24, 2020:  The colds temps over the last few days have helped preserve the good skiing.  Fresh grooming at Houston Fields early this morning.  The snow is good on the woods trail and smaller soccer field #2.  The big field is getting thin and needs more snow. The BKL and Middle School teams will enjoy it this afternoon.  Warm temps and rain on the way this weekend.  Better get out there and ski today while the snow holds.  Enjoy!!!  /groomer sasquatch/

Thursday Jan 23, 2020.  The trails at Gould HIll Farm were skate groomed today. Classic tracks set on Monday are still in good condition. Skiing is excellent. Groomer Will

Monday Jan 20, 2020:  MLK Day today.  The trails at Houston Fields were groomed this morning and classic tracks were set in many areas.  GOuld Hill Orchard will also get groomed again today.  The snow is beautiful and the sun is shining.  Time for some nordic skiing.  /groomer sasquatch/

Sunday Jan 19, 2020:  The fresh snow was packed and groomed this morning at BOTH Houston Fields (behind the LIbrary) and up at Gould Hill Orchard.  Thanks to Copach Rothe for packing snow up at the Orchard while I was working out at the Library.  Its warming up nicely after a chilly start to the day.  And the sun is shining.  What are you waiting for??  Conditions are soft as this snow was much lighter that other snow this year.  After a few days of grooming and skiing it will firm up we hope.  But we encourage you to get out and enjoy it NOW.  Sieze the day!!.  /groomer sasquatch/

Saturday Jan 18, 2020: Winter Weather Advisory and periods of heavy snow may be possible.  That's MUSIC to our ears !! The grooming squad is ready and excited about the forecast for snow this afternoon into tomorrow. We'll gas up the machines and be ready to pack it and groom it. Get your skis waxed up.  We'll keep you updated here and on the Blackwater Facebook page. /groomer sasquatch/

Wednesday Jan 8, 2020: Gould Hill was groomed this morning for skating. A light dusting of snow last night transformed the trails into excellent conditions! Hard to believe so go see for yourself. \groomer Will\

Sunday Jan 5, 2020: The trails at Gould Hill Orchard were groomed mid-day today.  Just the main upper field - nothing down in the woods. The snow is very hard with groomed granular surface.  Better for skate skiing.  No classic tracks were set as the snow cover is too thing and too hard.  There is plenty of snow considering the recent weather conditions. Its a windy afternoon up there but the sun is shining and the view is magnificent. Happy New Year !   /groomer sasquatch/

Thursday, January 2, 2020: Gould Hill orchard was groomed for skate this morning and the conditions are pretty good out there.  Watch for a few ruts and grass here and there but otherwise the coverage is good.  Enjoy! Coach Rob

Wed. Jan. 1, 2020: Welcome to a New Year.  Trails were groomed at Houston Fields (behind the Library) this morning to help you welcome in 2020 in nordic style.  Temps are above freezing already at 10AM but this heavy heavy snow we got is now well packed and we hope it will last until we get MORE SNOW.  Gould Hill trails were also groomed yesterday PM.  Get out there and enjoy the day.  WELCOME 2020!!!!! /groomer sasquatch/

Saturday December 28, 2019: Its a beautiful sunny Saturday with temps in the 40s. The snowmobiles, grooming equipment and groomers are ready for action as soon as Mpther Nature delivers the bounty of snow we anxiously await. At the moment we don't have enough snow to groom or ski on.  The current forecast for snow on Monday looks a bit meager but perhaps things will change for the better (more snow).  In the meantime we encourage everyone to DO THE SNOW DANCE.  /groomer sasquatch/

Saturday December 7, 2019: Gould Hill Trails were groomed this afternoon. That couple of inches of fresh snow from yesterday PM packed down nicely.  Don't get out your good skis quite yet because there are still a few rocks peaking thtough the snow cover.  Conditions are pretty good - a couple skiers were out enjoying the sunny afternoon while I was grooming. Maybe you should get out there too before the big warmup coming on Monday. That may set us back a bit until more snow arrives.    /Groomer Sasquatch/

December 4, 2019: Though we did not get as much as expected out of this storm, we did get enough to start some grooming.  Gould Hill Orchard was groomed this morning for skate.  Conditions are thin and the top field is windblown, but there are some trails to get out on.  Enjoy while it lasts!December 4, 2019. Coach Rob