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Date Posted: 3/24/2017

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Hopkinton ski trails look fresh
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ski trails look fresh

Imagine that you wake up on a beautiful winter day and decide to go cross-country skiing. You’re in luck! Someone groomed a set of trails not far from your house. You park a few feet from the trail and see familiar cars; it seems your friends had the same idea. If you live in Hopkinton, this is a common occurrence. Our town has had a strong cross-country skiing program for many years, thanks to the Blackwater Nordic Ski Club and a group of dedicated volunteers who maintain trails, teach kids to ski, and organize events. Many thanks to Will Brunkhorst, Cleve Kapala, Steve Eckberg and Jeff Eitrem for grooming trails at the Hopkinton Fairground. These trails are used by the school Nordic teams, scores of town residents, and neighbors from nearby towns. Thanks also to leaders of the Bill Koch Youth Ski League, which offers children lifelong skills and a winter full of fun. Natalie Duval has led this successful program for four years, with help from Rob Dapice, Tim Blagden, Sam Garland, Renelle L’Huillier, Paul Delbonis and Chuck Spalding, as well as many others. Please consider supporting this program by becoming a member of Blackwater Nordic at

Laurie Morrissey