Trail Conditions/Grooming Report

Tue. Mar 12. 

Its voting day here in Hopkinton for local issues and officials.  Before I voted I groomed the nordic trails at Houston Fields behind the Town Library.  Groomed for skate skiing with classic tracks around the 2 fields but not in the woods yet.  I ran out of time.  The forecast is for a warm sunny afternoon.  I hope you'll get a chance to enjoy some sunshine.  /groomer sasquatch/

Mon. Mar 11.

Well we got some more snow yesterday and we're glad for that but we've also got temps well above freezing during the days this week.  That presents some grooming challenges. The new snow will be packed and groomed up at Gould Hill Orchard this morning so Hopkinton High Nordic Team skiers have a place to practice this afternoon for tomorrows Meet of Champions being held at Proctor Academy.  Trails at Houston Fields will be groomed Tuesday morning early while temps are below freezing.  We'll continue to groom while conditions permit so get out there and enjoy a little more skiing before spring is fully upon us.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Friday March 8 Update:

Trails at Gould were re-groomed this morning, both skate and classic.  Very nice conditions up there for this time of year.  Get out and enjoy, it's warming up quicly!

Coach Rob

Fri Mar 8.  Those looking for freshly groomed Nordic trails will find some at Houston Fields.  Trails were groomed this morning.  Trails up at Gould Hill Orchard were groomed yesterday.  This cold weather will help us keep the snow for a while longer.  Get out there and enjoy some fabulous late winter skiing. Also - CONGRATULATIONS to BOTH the Hopkinton Girls and Boys Nordic Teams who skied like the champions they are at Wednesday's Division IV State Meet. Both teams won their Division Titles. Fabulous!! /Groomer Sasquatch/

Tuesday Mar. 5.

Houston Fields trails were groomed for skate and classic tracks set on this BEAUTIFUL winter morning. What a sparkly sunny day it is out there. Hope you get a chance to enjoy some fresh air today. Gould Hill trails will also be groomed this morning. Get out there !! /Groomer Sasquatch/

Monday Mar 4.

The fresh snow on Houston Fields nordic trails was packed early this morning.  We'll let it sit for the day then groom it tomorrow morning.  You can ski it now if you'd like but expect it to be very soft.  Similarly, trails at Gould Hill Orchard will be packed later this afternoon then groomed tomorrow. Our Hopkinton Nordic Teams are still practicing and skiing.  The State Championship meet will be held this Wednesday at Gunstock.  Next week will be the Meet of Champions.  So we'll keep grooming to provide a place to them - and EVERYONE - to ski.  Colds temps moving in will help preserve the new snow.  Enjoy the day.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Saturday Mar. 2.

Houston Fields ski trails were groomed this morning. The snow cover is getting thin so no new classic tracks were set. The conditions look good for skating. And of course classic skiers can ski too - just no new tracks for you at this time. Similarly grooming happened up at Gould Hill yesterday so things should be skiable for you up there too. Hoping for some major snow Sunday night - fingers crossed on that. We hope you include a little skiing in your weekend. ?? /Groomer Sasquatch/

Thursday Feb 18 UPDATE.

Trails at Gould Hill Orchard were groomed today by Groomer Mark. Get out and enjoy this beautiful late winter snow and weather. Groomer Sasquatch reports that conditions up here at Craftsbury VT are excellent. This place is a nordic skiing mecca. Again, I'll be out to groom Houston Field trails on Saturday morning so you can make a little ski adventure there part of your weekend plan. Until then, from the Green Mtns of VT this is Groomer Sasquatch signing off.

Thursday Feb 28.

Its beautiful out there this morning with a couple of inches of very light fluffy snow covering everything and more coming down. Grooming at Houston Fields (Library) will have to wait until Saturday morning as we're off to Crsftsbury VT to ski for 2 days. Will update here after Saturday grooming. Enjoy the day.  Maple syrup season is coming soon !!! /Groomer Sasquatch/

Friday Feb 22, 2019

As planned, trails at Houston Fields were groomed this morning and new classic tracks set around several places.  Its going to be a warm day so expect conditions to be very soft if you go out this afternoon.  Cold temps moving back in next week so we hope that will help keep us skiing for a while longer.  Sure could use some more snow.  Happy Friday.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Thursday Feb 21, 2019

A little more snow arrived in the overnight hours to help us keep the skiing alive and well.  Grooming will happen at Gould Hill Orchard this morning with Coach/Groomer Rob on the snowmobile.  So expect conditions up there to be very skiable today even though temps will be above freezing this afternoon. Expect skate grooming only up there.  Varsity team will be skiing up there this PM.  Work and time constraints on the grooming squad mean no grooming at Houston Fields until Friday morning.  We'll be out there bright and early Friday to smooth out this new snow and make it nice for skate skiing and hope to lay down some new classic tracks too.  The BKL skiers are expected out there Friday after school I understand so we want them to have good skiing and FUN on the snow.  A round of sharks and minnows anyone?  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Wednesday Feb 20, 2019

THANK YOU SKIERS!! It warmed my heart (that was useful on such a COLD morning) to see so many ski tracks - BOTH skate and classic - out in the light fluffy snow at Houston Fields.  The trails were regroomed this morning to pack down that light fluff.  Classic tracks were reset around the big field and skate trails groomed all around.  Its a lovely morning out so if your schedule allows get out and enjoy it before clouds and more wintry mix move in this evening and overnight.  We look forward to MORE SNOW.  Also trails up at Gould Hill Orchard will be groomed this morning by Groomer Mark. Have a wonderful Wednesday.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Sunday Feb 17, 2019.

Its a BEAUTIFUL sunny Sunday morning out there. Trails were groomed at Houston Fields this morning and conditions look very good.. Especially for skating. The snow has settled and packed well and its very firm.  Gould Hill Orchard trails wlll also get groomed this morning. So everything is ready for you to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on your skis. And aren't we lucky there is snow in the forecast for tonight into tomorrow. Woo Hoo !! Okay not really very much snow but we get excited about all snow. /Groomer Sasquatch/

Thursday Feb 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Trails at Houston Fields behind the Library were groomed this morning and classic tracks set in most areas. Conditions looks quite good.  Middle School Nordic Team Assistant Coach Spaulding was spotted out skiing early - getting first tracks on the freshly groomed snow.  She gave it a two thumbs up.  That's what we hope for.  Also, trails at Gould Hill Orchard are being groomed this morning by Groomer Mark. I think he's planning just skate grooming up there.  Get out and enjoy this latest blast of snow.  Enjoy the day. /Groomer Sasquatch/

Wed Feb 13, 2019

Trails at Houston Fields behind the Library were packed this morning.  They'll get groomed tomorrow morning early while temps are below freezing.  Packing and waiting helps the new snow firm up and bond to slipperty stuff lying underneath.  Similarly, trails at Gould Hill were packed this morning by Groomer Mark.  And we'll groom those tomorrow morning.  You're welcome to go out for a ski if you'd like to on the packed-only surfaces.  You'll find the skiing rather soft but manageable.  The warm temps today and freeze overnight will firm things up nicely.  And grooming in the morning will make it all lovely.  Get out and enjoy the new snow while its here.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Sunday update.

A short grooming visit to the Orchard tells me that its still skiable for now. Snow cover getting very thin especially in the upper open field. Its a little better lower down on the trails between apple trees. Best for skate skiing - no new classic tracks set - too thin for that. And It won't last long with warm temps ahead. So get there NOW and enjoy it while you can.  And you'll feel better when you sit down later to watch the BIG GAME having gotten some fresh air and exercise.  Go Pats. /Grromer Sasquatch/

Sunday Feb 3, 2019.

Trails at Houston Fields (behind the library) were groomed again this morning. Classic tracks were set around edges of fields and along the Storybook Trail through the woods. There's plenty of snow to ski on now but it won't last long with this warm spell coming.  If you go please be aware that the Storybook Trail coincides with the REAL snowmobile trail for a short distance out in the woods so please be aware of other possible trail users out there. And as soon as put the snowmobile away in the trailer a family of skiers showed up including some Middle School Team Nordic skiers ambitious to work on their classic technique for upcoming races.  Just like in the movies...Groom it and they will come !!! Enjoy the day.  And please remember there are multi-use trails we're grooming so you'll encounter walkers, dogs, etc out there. Be friendly.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Late Thur Jan 31, 2019.

The Orchard was groomed again this PM.  Snow cover is thin in spots from the wind. But the skiing is overall quite good. And it will get some more grooming attention tomorrow well.  Also by special arrangement we'll be grooming some trails around Houston Fields behind the library tomorrow morning to provide some easier access skiing for BKL and Middle School teams.  Come on out and enjoy the snow !!

Thur Jan 31, 2019

The Orchard is bring groomed this morning for both skate and classic. The snow cover is a bit thin in places especially in the upper field with ice and grass peaking through in some spots.  The classic tracks may be a little shallow in places and are subject to being blown in with this light snow.  But our Nordic Teams need some classic practice for upcoming races so we'll set some.  Also please walk carefully as there is ice under the snow in lots of places - that can be hazardous.  Its a beautiful cold sunny morning up at the Orchard - exactly the way winter should be. Okay maybe a few degrees warner.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Wed Jan 30, 2019

Well we got some snow - maybe not quite as much as hoped - and the grooming squad is making progress at getting Gould Hill Orchard ready to ski again.  The unique conditions present some challenges with fresh new snow not bonding well to the significant ice underneath.  Trails have been PACKED but only partly groomed.  We're letting the packed snow sit in the afternoon sun in hopes that grooming will be better tomorrow.  Right now the outside loop/track is in better condition than some of the inside connector trails.  We're optimistic that we can groom it in the morning and set some classic tracks.  And will update this grooming report when that happens.  Thanks for your patience while we wait for the snow to cooperate.  /Groomers Sasquatch & Mark/


Fri Jan 25, 2019

If you blinked, you likely missed the 2 fabulous ski days at Gould Hill Farm. Unfortunately, the rain removed ALL the snow. So, we're now back to being both snowless and homeless.

Wed Jan 23, 2019

Trails at Gould Hill Orchard were regroomed this morning after heavy use yesterday and some classic tracks set.  The Hopkinton Nordic Teams and BKL skiers had a good afternoon up there yesterday.  Teams will be returning this afternoon for more on-snow practice.  We anticipate closing the trails for the day Thursday as warm temps and rain arrive - its best to stay off the snow in those conditions.  Then on Friday we'll get back out there and try to make it skiable again.  Fingers crossed that there's enough snow left to make that happen.  If you have a chance get out there and ski today. /Groomers Sasquatch and Mark W/

Mon Jan 21, 2019

Nordic trails are groomed up at Gould Hill Orchard on this super cold MLK Day. Skate grooming only as the wind would fill in those classic tracks quickly. We'll get to those very soon. Conditions are good. But if you go today please be sure to bring EXTRA LAYERS.  High temp of 0 F up there this afternoon.  We expect to regroom tomorrow and temps will moderate some. Get up there and enjoy the skiing and views from Gould Hill. Thanks to the Bassett family for their ongoing welcome and support of Blackwater Nordics efforts to provide local nordic skiing.

Thur Jan 17, 2019

Our Blackwater Board President has been working tirelessly to get the details ironed out so we can get back to grooming at the Fairgrounds. But for the moment we are still NOT sking there. The grooming team is making preparations to groom up at Gould Hill Orchard with the big snow arriving this weekend.  We look forward to grooming up there again - its been a few years since the snow conditions have been inviting enough for us to do that. Thanks to Tim Basset and family at GHO for welcoming us at this beautiful site. Skiers - we'll let you know when we've got things groomed and ready for you - watch for news here and on our Facebook page. Remember it can take a day (or so) for snow to settle and groomers to pack and groom what sounds like a lot of snow coming our way. /Groomer Sasquatch/

Sun Jan 6, 2019

January and still no snow? So we wait, and wait and wait...  Maybe best for the present as the Fairgrounds are still closed while we implement requirements of the Fairgrounds Board. We're confident it will be resolved soon. Then, LET IT SNOW!!

Wed Dec. 26, 2018

Its the day after Christmas and it appears that Santa did not bring the Fairgrounds grooming team what we were most hoping for.  More snow.  So we wait. And trust that you all are enjoying this holiday time with family and friends.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Tuesday December 18, 2018

PLEASE NO SKIING AT THE FAIRGROUNDS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  The Blackwater Nordic Ski Club Board of Directors is working to quickly resolve an insurance issue and until that happens we have been asked to NOT USE the Fairgrounds for nordic ski activities. We anticipate a quick resolution to the situation and will post notices here and at the Fairgrounds when we're all cleared for skiing again.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.  /Groomer Sasquatch/ on behalf of the Blackwater Nordic Board.    

Friday December 14, 2018

Fairgrounds trails were groomed EARLY this morning.  The snow has been holding up well and getting a LOT of use from the HMHS Nordic Teams and younger BKL skiers.  No sking on the big hill or back 40 as the snow is too thin or nonexistent there.  But elsewhere the reports are that skiing is pretty good.  We're SO GLAD that the temps have been cold enough to provide this early season skiing.  However we're not optimistic for the next few days as temps move above freezing and some rain showers move in.  We'll hope for more snow but until the Fairgrounds today while its stll cold.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Saturday December 8, 2018

Fairgrounds trails were groomed late this afternoon as dusk was coming on. Only the front section - no grooming in back 40 or on the big hill until we get more snow.  But the conditions on the rest of the front are pretty good. Hard and fast for sure. It groomed up nicely after a lot of use Friday from the Nordic teams and BKL skiers.  Hoping for more snow soon but we're very grateful for what we've got.  Ski it while we can!!!!  /Groomer Sasquatach/

Wednesday December 5, 2018

Fairgrounds trails were groomed this morning.  You'll find the front half much better than the "back 40".  Avoid the big hill also.  So, yes, skiing is limited and the conditions are hard and fast. But we've got snow and skiing at the Fairgrounds and that's amazing !! Expect the high school Nordic Team to be out skiing from 3-5. Enjoy the day. /Groomer Sasquatch/

Tuesday December 4, 2018

YES there is skiable snow at the Fairgrounds.  Trails were groomed this morning by Groomer Sasquatch and Coach Rothe.  It takes a lot of time to work this hard frozen white stuff into a reasonably skiable surface.  We need more snow but we have some surprisingly okay conditions out there at the moment.  You may wish to AVOID the big hill and the northern cut-through to the back 40 due to VERY thin cover (rocks and ground exposed).  But otherwise you'll find some okay skiing at the Fairgrounds. The nordic teams and BKL group will be out after school so there will be lots of actiivity then.  Otherwise, get out there and enjoy the sunshine and snow.

Sunday December 2, 2018

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for today but it doesn't look as if we'll get much snow. Some ice mostly followed by rain. That's NOT much help for our early season ski conditions at the Fairgrounds. Conditions are currently less than ideal. Fingers crossed that the snow cover will hold. Maybe Tuesday morning when its cold again we groom it a little and try to make it skiable. We'll see what happens and keep ya'll posted.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Saturday, November 24, 2018:

Fairgrounds were grommed this morning before the temperature warmed up.  Still some great skiing out there.  There are a few thin spots on the "island" trails, but all the main trails are solid and fast for skate skiing.  Get out and enjoy these awesome "fall" conditions before the rain comes in.
Coach Rob

Friday, November 23, 2018:

Fairgrounds were groomed for skate today.  Conditions are good overall with some soft spots in areas where wind blown snow settled yesterday and where some new trails were added.  Conditions should remain good through tomorrow.  It's a beautiful day, get out an enjoy it while it lasts, it is still fall afterall!!
Coach Rob

Wednesday Nov. 21, 2018

Good morning Blackwater Nordic members and Hopkinton Nordic Ski Team.  The Fairgrounds is READY TO SKI.  Yesterday's new snow has been rolled and groomed and its a beautiful early winter (late fall??) morning at the Fairgrounds.  The conditions are a bit soft but you're probably not ready for super fast conditions yet anyway.  Head on out and get some fresh air and exercise before Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the holiday with family and friends.  GIve Thanks. /groomer Sasquatch/