Trail Conditions/Grooming Report

Skier: One who pays an arm and a leg for the opportunity to break them.

Friday 2/23/18

Fairgrounds were groomed for skating today.  As the glacier receded during that 70+ day, it created pools and miniature rivers throughout which then refroze making many areas of the main trails solid ice now.  There is a thin layer of fresh snow covering that.  Where a layer of crusty snow persisted, off the main trails mostly, it has been mixed in with the fresh snow making skiing pretty good.  Beware of areas like the back of the large hill, the pass throughs to/from the back field, and the trail that runs along the light poles in the middle of the front field.

There have been numerous mini loops created in the interior which are quite skiable, so have it and enjoy while it lasts!

Coach Rob

Monday 2/19/18

Trails are currently closed until after the Capital Region Race on Wednesday. Thanks for your cooperation!



THE TRAILS HAVE NOT BEEN GROOMED. We attempted to roll this morning but found the snow too dry and fluffy to be effective. If you do venture out, keep in mind that skating will be very difficult and you won't find any classic tracks.

1. The entrance area, from the parking lot through to the actual trail, is VERY ICY.  Yesterday, at least we could see our icy enemy.  Now he is lurking under a blanket of fresh powder.  Which only makes him more dangerous. Please be VERY CAREFUL getting from your car to your skis. There is also a large sheet of ice between the ski rack and the grooming shed. Walk closer to the ski rack.

2. Please stay off the start area and tracks by the warming hut, and the loop from the end of the start area, up to the base of the hill and around, and down the S turn back to the start area.  We have groomed this for a high school race Wednesday.  Everything else is open.  Thank you for your consideration and enjoy the snow today!

Sunday 2/18/18

While you were sleeping ... we got snow!  Groomer Sasquatch is on the way over to groom this gift a little, maybe make it a little firmer.  Expect it to be a little slow and grabby, especially once temps get above freezing this afternoon.  Be aware that the base is, ahem, very firm and fast.  Enjoy the new snow and the sunshine today!

And remember, the trails will be closed starting Monday until after the Capital Region Race on Wednesday

Saturday 2/17/18

While you were sleeping in this morning, Groomer Jeff has been out grooming the outer loop for skating. I just got word that conditions are currently pretty good, although you will find some thin spots and softening conditions as the day progresses.

The trails will be closed starting Monday until after the Capital Region Race on Wednesday. This week's forecast is bad news for BWN, so get out this weekend and enjoy what we have!

Friday 2/16/18

Because temps will be below freezing the next few nights, we are going to keep the trails open for our members this weekend, and we'll be doing a light groom early Saturday for skate skiers. On Monday morning, with a big warm spell coming and the Capital Region Race on Wednesday, we will close the trails until after the race.  Enjoy the snow this weekend!

Your Local Groomers

Tuesday 2/13/18

Okay, temper your expectations.  Are you sitting down?  We have (a little) snow at the Fairgrounds.  A skate lane was groomed for tonight's clinic (thank you Stu!) and the outside loop.  That is all.  Skiing is decent, but we don't have enough snow to spend perfecting it.  Besides, we're in for a warm spell or three in coming days.  So ...

Other trails will be skiable once the sun gets on them, but they were not groomed today.  Be on the lookout for the occasional spots where the water has pooled to hard ice at the surface.  They are shiny.  Enjoy the firm snow today.  Get out there.  Carpe skiem.

Groomer Jeff

Sunday 2/11/18

It sounds like conditions were good for the BKL Nerf gun biathlon.  Today, however ....
We'll get back out to see what we have once temperatures drop and what is left of the snow pack dries out, likely Tuesday.  We'll keep you posted then.

Groomer Jeff

Saturday 2/10/18

The course was touched-up this morning for the BKL race and re-groomed for skating following the race.  Skating remains soft but good.  Enjoy today as we may get some rain tomorrow!

Groomers Sasquatch and Cleve

Friday 2/9/18

The outer loop was skate groomed this morning.  Snow is still a little soft 2 days after the storm, but ... we have snow!  Outer loop classic tracks are still in decent shape, and pole plants seem okay too. 

A few small loops of skate grooming were done by the light poles, around the base of the front side of the hill, and in through the woods, for the BKL race Saturday morning at 10:30.  Please stay off those loops through tomorrow morning.  Night skiing should be pretty good, though moonless.  Get out there.

Nanook Gump

Thursday 2/8/18

Trails were rolled this morning.  The outer loop was skate groomed this afternoon, and a set of classic tracks was set just outside that outer loop.  We have snow - yay! - but expect soft conditions and soft pole plants.  More grooming tomorrow, in advance of a BKL race Saturday morning at 10:30.  Enjoy the snow while we have it.  (Rain likely on the way Sunday.)

Groomer Jeff

Tuesday 2/6/18

Trails will be groomed early afternoon. Special attention will be paid to the inner loop skate lanes which are under the brightest part of the lights in preparation for tonight's skate ski clinic. 

Sunday 2/4/2018

Skate skiing is quite good today. With temps forecast to rise above freezing today, skate grooming is not necessary nor practical. A classic track will be set this morning. Have fun.

Groomer Will

Friday 2/2/2018

Skate tracks were groomed in the afternoon. Skiing is very good. A problem with the grooming equipment needs attention, thus grooming may not be performed today. 

Groomer Will

Thursday 2/1/2018

Skate tracks were packed and groomed today. Conditions are very good. 2 inches of new snow is all that was needed.

Groomer Will

Tuesday 1/30/18

The Jan 31 full moon family night ski has been cancelled. We have also called off night skiing this week. With icy conditions and the lack of snow, grooming will be cautious and aimed at conserving what remains. If you do brave the Fairgrounds at night, bring your head lamp and expect conditions to be DICEY! 

Monday 1/29/18

With last Friday's very successful high and middle school races behind us, skate grooming at the Fairgrounds has resumed.  With some help from temperatures coupled with time on the machines skating is now possible, although the school teams will continue to focus on classic.  Right now there is not a lot of snow, and grooming will be cautious and aimed at conserving what remains.  There is the possibility of some more snow on Thursday-Friday, although temps forecasted for Thursday may mean whatever we get may be on the sleet side or potentially melt quickly.  Temperatures for Friday look more conducive to good results.  It's a New England winter so stay tuned!

Groomer Cleve

Sunday 1/28/18

Classic tracks, which were set for the school race Friday, are still quite good. Skating tracks could not be groomed due to the the thick layer of ice.

Thursday 1/25/18

We won't be turning on the lights for night skiing on Friday. Although miraculously, the Blackwater volunteer groomers have managed to turn the thin, nasty, angry sheet of ice into something that is reportedly skiable, the trails are being "groomed" for classic only to accommodate the middle and high school race tomorrow. If you do brave the Fairgrounds at night, keep in mind that it has not been groomed for skating. Bring your head lamp and expect conditions to be DICEY!

Wednesday 1/24/18

Unfortunately, the Fairgrounds are a sheet of ice. The groomers are discussing if it's possible to resurrect for Friday's High School race. Keep tuned...

Monday 1/22/18

Night skiing cancelled and trails closed to all traffic Tuesday Jan 23
With heavy rain arriving tomorrow, we need to preserve conditions as much as possible. We'll assess conditions and grooming options Wednesday. Thanks for helping us save what little we have left.

Saturday 1/20/18

The Fairgrounds were checked early today and a decision made not to groom.  Rising temperatures today and a decision to let the existing snow "rest" in hopes of keeping as much as possible for next week's race was the rationale.  Grooming decisions will be made day-to-day until the course has been prepared for the race.  At 7:00 am the skating conditions looked good with dry and soft snow.  Get out there early today if you intend to ski!

Groomer Cleve

Friday 1/19/18

A pretty comprehensive groom of skate trails was done today.  Classic tracks on the outside loop are in good shape and were not touched.  Conditions are excellent.   Night skiing tonight!

Groomer Dan

Thursday 1/18/18

The outer skate lane was groomed today, and two sets of classic tracks were set on the outer loop, including the back forty.  Please stay off the start and finish areas in advance of next Friday's race.  They have been marked with orange cones.

Conditions are terrific, with 5" of new fluffy.  Get out in the sun!

Groomers Jeff & Dan

Tuesday 1/16/18

Conditions are suprisingly good.  The outside skate lane was refreshed and is excellent.  

A new classic track was set around the outer loop.  It is very good for no-wax and klister skiing.  

Night skiing tonight should be terrific.

Groomer Jeff

Sunday 1/14/2018

Most skate tracks were groomed and classic tracks set this morning. Conditions are better than expected and very fast. 

Groomer Will and Sasquatch

Wednesday 1/10/2018

Conditions were excellent for night skiing last night. Conditions should still be very good, but grooming is planned for today early afternoon.

Tuesday 1/9/2018

Grooming will be performed today starting at 10:30 in preparation for Bill Koch, school teams, and night skiing this evening. Skiing is terrific!

Groomer Will

Sunday 1/7/18

Grooming and packing of the skate tracks continue. Classic tracks were set around the perimeter as well as some inner loops. Conditions are soft still, but but will soon firm up leaving excellent conditions.

Groomer Will

Saturday 1/6/18

It was another day of "tag team" grooming with packing by Sasquatch and skate grooming by Cleve completed around 2:00.  Skate conditions remain soft but enjoy the beauty of new corduroy before it blows in.  (If anyone has a lightly used Pisten Bully they might like to donate I'm sure we'd be happy to accept!)

Groomer Cleve

Friday 1/5/18

Groomers "tag teamed" this morning to pack 15 inches for new snow. The tracks, as expected, are extremely soft making skate skiing difficult. Classic sking is more doable, however tracks can not be set until the snow firms up. Conditions will improve rapidly as the snow settles and firms up. Stay tuned.

Groomers Cleve and Will

Wednesday 1/3/18

Grooming plans for Wednesday include grooming most skate tracks mid to late morning.

Tuesday 1/2/18

Classic tracks were set around the perimeter. Many, not all, skate tracks were groomed.

Groomer Will

Sunday 12/31/17

Fairgrounds were groomed for skate today.  Some areas blown in but the trails are in quite good condition.  Trails around and in the forested island and along the treeline offer the best conditions and a break from the wind.  Good to see a continuous group of hearty skiers out there today.  Enjoy while you can, last ski of 2017!!

Coach Rob 

Saturday 12/30/17

In the words of several skiers today, "conditions are great and no grooming is needed". So, bundle up and enjoy the terrific skiiing.

Groomers Will and Cleve

Friday 12/29/17

Most of the groomer team convened at the Fairgrounds this morning for equipment analysis and repair plus grooming.  Skate grooming was completed.  If you ski today be sure to take care of any exposed skin with wind chills remaining below zero expected for most of the day.  Some hearty young folks were out this morning but be cautious and take care!

Groomers Rob, Will, Jeff, Cleve  

Tuesday 12/26/17

Grooming is planned for this morning. Conditions should be excellent. Night Skiing Tonight!

Groomer Will

Sunday 12/24/17

Fairground tracks were groomed for skating this morning. Snow conditions are a soft, powdery, ice cube mixture... very unusual. I did not ski, but suspect that conditions are a bit challenging, but quite doable. The new snow that is forecast should result in excellent conditions after packing and grooming.

Groomer Will


Friday 12/22/17

The forecast is for snow today with rain tomorrow so we will not be grooming on Saturday. With luck, the rain will soak in and we will be able to groom Sunday. If it does rain, we suggest that you don't ski on Saturday in order to minimize damage from the rain. Thank you!

Thursday 12/21/17

The Fairgrounds were groomed for skating and skied by members and team practice in the afternoon.  Some snow is expected tomorrow and the Fairgrounds will likely be groomed again when the snow stops.

Groomer Cleve

Wednesday 12/20/17

Fairgrounds were groomed for skate this morning.  Trails in the open are still solid despite the warmer temps.  Some thin spots are developing on the trails that go through the wooded "island" hill. There is a bit of a glaze on some trails due to the thaw and refreeze last night but conditions are still quite good.  Get out and enjoy!

Coach Rob


Tuesday 12/19/17

Fairground tracks were skate groomed this morning. Conditions are terrific. Regrettably, the weather forecast calls for above freezing temperatures this afternoon and tomorrow. Thus, conditions will be changing. My advice is to get out today if you can. Tomorrow may be difficult. Stay tuned.

Groomer Will


Monday 12/18/17

Two inches of new snow and grooming created perfection. Tuesday forecast calls for warming. Grooming is planned for early am Tuesday.

Groomer Will


Sunday 12/17/2017

Classic tracks are now set. Skating tracks are puuuurrrrrrrfect.

Groomer Sasquatch


Saturday 12/16/17

Dust off and wax your skis, and get out to the Fairgrounds to enjoy some terrific, mid-winter conditions. Faithful groomers Rob and Sasquatch started packing and grooming along with the snow and their efforts have been very productive. Grooming continues today.

Have a great ski day,

Groomer Will