Trail Conditions/Grooming Report

There are 206 bones in the human body. Don’t dismay, however; the 2 bones of the middle ear have never been broken in a skiing accident.

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Saturday 4/1/17

Fairgrounds and Orchard:  Nothing, Nada, Zip on the trails... 
You have more snow in your freezer!  See you next season.

Wednesday 3/22/17

The Fairgrounds were groomed for skating on the exterior loops, front and back, this morning re-arranging and working around some bare spots.  Watch out for a rock starting to emerge on the backside of the big hill on the front loop.  Without some more snow we may be wrapping up the season soon?  Stay tuned and enjoy what we have left!  /Groomer Cleve/

Saturday 3/18/17

The Fairgrounds were groomed this morning. Get out and enjoy the excellent skate and classic conditions. Don't forget to join us at the BKL race at noon tomorrow followed by a citizens race at approx. 1. /Groomer Will/

Friday 3/17/17

The outside loop has been groomed wide for skate skiing.  A track was set for classic skiers.  Conditions are excellent now (11AM), but will soften with the strong sun and as temperatures rise.  Expect soft pole plants.  If they are not, count your blessings.  Also likely to be some drifting. /Winterbeard/

Thursday 3/16/17

Packa packa packa pack.  There is sahnow!  Wintry at the Fairgrounds today.  When I arrived, one brave soul had toured the Fairgrounds in virgin snow.  Fresh tracks!

I went around several times packing.  Okay, 10 ... or ... twelve.  Fifteen?  Anyway, packed the outside loop, including the Back 40.  Better, not ready for grooming. A few determined skate skiers were out late morning, thrashing around and digging ruts:  not good skate ski snow.  Good day for classic, though.

Planned to set classic tracks after packing, wanted to set tracks, but conditions prevented it. Heck, the super-wide, studded-track Skandic could barely pull the roller around, unless the trail had already been packed with the sled (what exactly is the point of that roller anyway?).  So.  

The snow will set overnight. Tomorrow we will try to groom, probably with the small Ginzu.  Then, we'll set classic tracks.  Also, we'll continue to ready for the BKL nerf biathlon and later citizen races Sunday.

See you out there.


Tuesday 3/14/17

Okay, warm temps kept us off the snow for 2 weeks, until almost all the snow was gone.  Winter in New England.  Sheesh.

But it's snowing now!  So, we plan to pack & roll the Fairgrounds Thursday, then groom Friday. In addition to skate lanes, we'll try to set classic tracks. We'll also be preparing for the Bill Koch League (kids) nerf biathlon  and Citizen Race Sunday. We'll keep you posted Thursday.

Get ready to get back out there.

Groomer Jeff

Monday 3/13 /17

Wishes DO come true! BKL / Citizens races recheduled for Sunday 3/19. Keep tuned...




Wednesday 2/22/17

The Fairgrounds have been prepared for the Capital Area Championships skate race later today.  Following that race, the Fairgrounds are once again ready for all skiers.

However, warm temperatures may keep us off the snow for a few more days.  If temps drop below freezing and we can get out there to pull out the ruts, we'll let you know.

Groomer Jeff

Tuesday 2/21/17

The Fairgrounds outer loop is once again groomed for skate.  Ruts have been filled in mostly.  The classic track has not been improved - in fact it has been ignored and somewhat abused in preparation for tomorrow's race - but is still skiable with these warm temps.  

The start and finish areas near the warming hut, and the start loop up through the woods on the hill are ready for the race, and we would appreciate it if you could stay off those sections through tomorrow.  They have been coned or V-boarded or signed and/or taped off.

Thursday we hope to be back to regular grooming again, though warm temps can keep us off the snow.  Thank you for your patience and consideration.  Come out and see over 200 skiers race tomorrow!

Groomer Jeff

Monday 2/20/17

The Fairgrounds outside loop has been groomed for skate skiing.  Ruts are mostly pulled out but the surface is imperfect.  However, temps are climbing and snow will soften.  Similarly, the classic track is icy but will soften.  At this moment (10AM) conditions are terrific.

Please note:  we have a big (200 skier) race coming on Wednesday, and we are grooming some areas near the warming hut for the race.  Please kindly stay off these areas until Thursday.  Thanks very much for your consideration, and come watch the Hawks race against area teams at the Capital Area Championships.  Go Hawks!

Groomer Jeff

Sunday 2/19/17

The Fairgrounds have not been groomed today.  With the high temperatures and sun we are trying to protect the snow for an event on Wednesday.  Hopkinton is thrilled to play host to the Capitol Regional Championships, as the venue, and co-hosting with Bow High School for the event.  The Championships will involve 13 high school teams.  If you ski at the Fairgrounds you will note that several areas have benn packed, but the regular courses have not been groomed for skating or classic.  Please stay off those areas that are packed only (principally around the Cocoa Cabin and an entrance and exit from the hill which are signed and marked by cones).  Although we are lucky to have good snow cover, we are also facing three days of unusually high temperatures.  Our goal is primarily to protect the snow that we have, and try to groom only in temperatures below freezing.  Get out there and enjoy the day on those circuits that have been groomed in the past. Please stay away from the newly-packed surfaces that are ungroomed.  (Shorts or bathing suits may be the right attire!)  Thanks for your cooperation!  /Groomer Cleve/

Saturday 2/18/17

Fairgrounds was groomed for skating and new classic tracks set around the ouler loop only. Grooming performed by a new trainee -Groomer Mark - to the Blackwater Grooming Team under the guidance of Groomer Sasquatch. We're glad to share our experience and get some new groomers in the mix. Temps will be VERY WARM next few days so conditions expected to be too soft for skiing and grooming. We may have to stay off the snow for a few days.  

Thursday 2/16/17

The Fairgrounds were groomed for both skating and classic. Lots of snow but conditions are soft. Although the forecast is for warm temps, conditions should firm up with no snow in the immediate future and daily grooming. /Groomer Will/

Wednesday 2/15/17

The Fairgrounds were groomed this morning for skating only.  The snow remains soft but rising temperatures and more snow expected will, hopefully, allow the dry snow to continue to settle and allow continue settling and packing.  /Groomer Cleve/

Tuedsay 2/14/17

The Fairgrounds were groomed for skating this morning. Conditions are quite good but soft in spots. This is a perfect day for the snow to settle a bit which will allow us to groom again tomorrow morning and set classic tracks. Get out and enjoy this Valentine's Day gift. Unfortunately, we won't be able to groom Gould Hill until our other sled returns from the shop - the end of the week at the earliest. /Groomer Will/

Monday 2/13/17

We are moving the sled from the Orchard to the Fairgrounds this PM.  The sled at the Fairgrounds has a broken starter motor bracket.  Due to the high winds today grooming at either location would be temporary at best.  Please stay tuned and we will update the grooming report as we are able to add detail.  /Groomer Cleve/

Saturday 2/11/17

The Fairgrounds is freshly groomed for skating front and back. New classic tracks set around the full outer perimeter too. There is light snow falling this morning and its beautiful out at the Fairgrounds. Conditions look great for some skiing today before the snow starts again in earnest tomorrow. Then the grooming crew will need a day or two to get it packed, groomed and back in shape again. /Groomer Sasquatch/

Friday 2/10/17

The Fairgrounds were packed and groomed this morning for skating.  Classic tracks were set on the hill for BKL and on the back 40.  By the time packing and grooming had concluded, however, the wind picked up strongly around 9:45 am.  Expect some drifting in the downwind spots.  /Groomer Cleve/

Wednesday 2/8/17

The Fairgrounds were groomed for skating this morning.  Rising temps are expected today so the earlier, the better?  We may get some additional snow tomorrow! /Groomer Cleve/

Monday 2/6/17

Gould Hill was groomed for skating in the orchard only. Skiing is quite qood although very thin in spots. Use caution. /Groomer Will/

Sunday 2/5/17

The skating at the Fairgrounds was freshened this morning.  Re-setting the classic tracks needs to wait until our next snowfall, maybe a little on Tuesday?  Go out and enjoy some exercise and fresh air before the lure of nachos and chicken wings, prior to "the game", breaks your focus! /Groomer Cleve/

Friday 2/3/17

The Fairgrounds were re-groomed for both skate and classic.  The classic tracks were re-set, but the cold and windy conditions coupled with dry snow did not allow for optimal classic tracks.  The skating, however, is fast and good.  Hopefully, the snow predicted for Tuesday arrives, but the forecast for Wednesday is for higher temps and rain!  We will continue to try to provide the best possible conditions, but Mother Nature could certainly be more cooperative? /Groomer Cleve/

Thursday 2/2/17

Fairgrounds were groomed this morning leaving excellent conditions. Really! To maintain the delicate conditions, we ask that skaters please avoid the classic tracks. /Coach Rob/

Wednesday 2/1/17

Fairgrounds were groomed today for skating and classic tracks were set. Conditions are surprisingly good. Some areas have ice lurking beneath the fresh layer of powdery snow so use caution. /Groomer Will/

Monday 1/30/17 

The Fairgrounds were groomed this morning for skating.  Classic tracks were not re-set under the assumption that the temperatures this PM will be warming and re-setting would potentially due more harm than good. The classic tracks will, at a minimum, provide an upper body workout and poling practice. /Groomers Will and Cleve/

Friday 1/27/17

The Fairgrounds have been groomed this morning for skating and there are Classic tracks set for the HS and MS teams this afternoon to practice on.  Also, we expect that the BKL kids will use the facilities this afternoon.  We continue to limp along with some reasonable skiing but a good snow delivery would certainly help.  Do your best Snow Dance and cross your fingers and toes! Grooma Grova

Wednesday 1/25/17

The winter continues to present its challenges with little snow delivered in a cycle of snow and rain with warm temperatures!  The "front 40" of the Fairgrounds were groomed this morning for skating and classic tracks were set for team practice this afternoon on an interior loop, including the hill (Mt. Nadeau?) and the backside.  Suffice it to say that the conditions fall short of "perfect"...but there is plenty of fresh air and some sunshine, so get out there!  /Groomer Cleve/

Saturday 1/21/17 UPDATE

We had a VERY successful Race Day with Hopkinton hosting Moultonborough Academy, Interlakes, Sunapee , and Derryfield. High Schoolers. The Concord Middle School team joined in for the Middle School Races. It was a warm spring-like day with temps in the mid-40s. We had enough snow to make it a spring-skiing race day. There were 20 participants in the 4.2k Citizens Race (aka the INAR or I'm Not Actually Racing series) including coaches, locals, and others not actually racing.  Some photos have been posted on the Blackwater Nordic Facebook page. Temps are too warm - we'll be lucky if it gets below freezing tonight. Tomorrow - Sunday - there will be a BKL Race at the Fairgrounds beginning at noon. We expect warm temps and soft-snow spring conditions again. Fingers crossed for more snow and colder temps.  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Saturday 1/21/17

The Fairgrounds have been groomed for skate skiing and will be available immediately following the Citizen's Race, probably about 1PM. Temps did not get below freezing last night, so expect soft conditions.  Take care in the woods cut-through to the Back 40 meadow, very thin cover and glare ice beneath.

The Orchard will be groomed for skating as soon as temps drop below freezing overnight, assuming we have enough snow to groom by then.  Groomer Jeff

Thursday  1/19/19

Good news:  we have snow!  Bad news:  we're trying to save it for races this weekend.
Both the Fairgrounds and the Orchard have been packed this morning, but conditions did not allow for any grooming.  We plan to groom for skate tomorrow morning.  

However, we would very much appreciate if you would be willing to hold off skiing until Saturday afternoon, after the Middle/High School races, which begin at 10AM.  Please come out and cheer for the school teams!  Heck, bring your skis and get into the Citizen race that follows.   Groomer Jeff

Wednesday 1/11/17

With temps above freezing, grooming is ineffective and will not be scheduled.

Tuesday 1/10/17

Fairgrounds were skate groomed. Conditions are excellent.   Groomer Will

Monday 1/9/2017

Fairgrounds groomed for skating. Groomer Cleve

Sunday 1/8/2017

Fairgrounds were groomed for skating. Lots of happy skiers!  Groomer Cleve

Gould Hill was groomed this morning. Cover is thin in spots. Groomer Will

Saturday 1/7/2017

Fairgrounds were groomed this morning bright and early. Conditions are hard and fast with some unavoidable icy spots where rain and melting pooled up. But we've adjusted some trail routes a little to avoid some of that. Overall its pretty good in the front and back 40. The crossover areas are thin and icy.  Generally better for skating than classic. We need more snow to set new classic tracks. We're glad that's its cold and we are doing the snow dance. The Hawks Nordic Teams are up in Sandwich today skiing in their first race of the season. GO HAWKS !!!!!  /Groomer Sasquatch/

Monday 1/2/17:

Fairgrounds were groomed this morning !! All skate lanes front and back got a good smoothing and conditions are very good. Blackwater Nordic Board President Steve Trafton got first tracks this morning as Sasquatch groomed it smooth.  He was wearing a big smile so I take that as a strong recommendation to get out there and ski today before we get into this short warm spell. Reports are that the Fairgrounds is getting lots of use from many skiers. This is exactly what we hope for.  Enjoy these beautiful winter days. Best wishes for 2017.  Go Hawks!!   /Groomer Sasquatch/

Gould Hill Farm was groomed for skating this morning, including a loop in the woods. Skiing is great. Use caution in the woods, as there are thin spots. Groomer Will

Sunday 1/1/17:

Happy New Year! Grooming will not be scheduled today, due to the warm temperatures, a late night, and a bit too much celebration. When temps are above freezing, grooming can be detrimental to the snow cover. Hope for colder weather. Groomer Will